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Abhishek Bhagat from Bhagalpur Bihar, India has been recognized as the youngest inventor His work has been selected and published at a young age of 15 years by NIF, IIM- A Amhedabad for the invention Automatic CookingSystem "ROBOCOOK".

He has been awarded by many prestigious awards like INK- Fellow 2011 as Inventor, IGNITE 09 (National Innovation Foundation) Awardee and received award as the first prize by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam- 2009 for ROBOCOOK, Displayed his cooking machine at Rastrapati Bhavan in presence of the President Of India Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil & President Of India Pranav Mukharji 2010-2013 by NIF, Also got National Award by the President Of India Smt. Pratibha Devi singh Patil in 2012 & in 2011(July) got his name in India Book of Records & First prize in the state in a painting competition on jointly organized by Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum and Into-Burma Petroleum Company limited in 2008, also demonstrate his cooking machine in INDO US S&T INNOVATION EXPO by FICCI and IUSSTF 19th JULY-2011 & In 2012 he participated in 2nd National Level Exhibition & Project Competitions 21-23 0ct by Inspire.


  • 2007-2008

    His Humble Beginnings

    During his early Abhishek used to see his mother spending hours in the kitchen and cooking food for her entire family. Once it so happened that due to his mother's illness, he was asked to do the cooking. He then for the first time realized how tedious the job really was for ladies to cook every single day throughout the year. This motivated him to develop a machine for his mother, which could reduce the effect for cooking food and cook anything instantly. This lead to the innovation of the World's 1st Automatic Cooking machine also known as the ROBOCOOK.

  • March 2008

    Abhishek wrote to NIF

    Abhishek conceived a rough idea about a machine, which would have boxes to hold different ingredients of a particular recipe. The machine would be operated using a recipe card, which will be programmed as per the cooking style of the person for that particular dish. Abhishek wrote to NIF, which linked him to ISM, Dhanbad. The machine could be made but how to make the card, which will make it operate, became the biggest challenge there. After spending some more time, Abhishek came back and pondered over the problem. He took help of his Physics books and using a normal watch, he designed a card, which could be programmed.

  • SEPTUMBER 2009

    Invention Of Automatic Cooking Machine

    The first version of this machine made successfully in 2009 could make tea and kheer (kind of rice pudding).This machine is an electrically operated automatic food making machine where only ingredients are to be loaded in boxes and the cooking is completed according to the recipe card being used. The machine has eight boxes and a central container. The boxes house the different ingredients, which fall into the central cooking container as per the predefined timing in the recipe card. This recipe card is preprogrammed. Once the recipe card gets inserted, the display on the machine shows the information about the different ingredients that need to be put in the respective boxes. Once this is done, the user may sit back and relax. The machine will automatically sound an alarm once the recipe gets made.

  • NOVEMBER 2009

    1st step towards his Innovation journey

    This innovation won him the first prize in the Ignite 2009 (National competition of students' ideas and innovations) competition. He received the prize at the hands of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam at IIM Ahmedabad, who appreciated his machine very much. NIF also filed a patent (729/KOL/2010) in his name. Later NIF supported him to develop an improved prototype with eight boxes for different ingredients and some other technological refinements. A Delhi based designer has also been engaged to further develop the prototype and make it into a marketable product.
  • journey begins with a single step


Inventor/Motivational Speaker/Entrepreneur/3d Artist/VFX Artist/UI Devloper


He thought innovative ideas and develop his every idea on his own way. He has been recognized as the youngest inventor His work has been selected and published at a young age of 15. He also got president award, twice for his innovation. His name is mentioned in world book of record.

IoT Machine Learning

Worked on multiple projects for Raspberry pi and Arduino

Motivational Speaker

He is invited from many schools and colleges to give his speech about his innovation and his success. He shares his experience among the students that how he develop the cooking machine and also share what kinds of struggle he faced in his student life and encourage the students to become innovative.


Abhishek's innovation & ideas.


Automatic cooking machine

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Now AC in Rs 3000/-

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Records only when it needs


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Ignite National Award


6th Biennial National award


At Rashtrapati bhavan exhibition


Innovation Scholars In - Residence programme


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